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Okay, I’ve come to realize I can’t draw adolescents… frig damn…

So I’m taking on a project to do a character design package for The Name of the Wind! It’s going in my portfolio for work, so yeah! (please don’t judge my E’lir Kvothe concept… he’s hard to draw at any age younger than 20… LOL)

And these are my first designs for Kvothe as an E’lir, and the Inkeeper (or Reshi as I now fondly call him due to Bast~) Kvothe. I do not own the character!!! Just the artwork here~

(this is all rough work, I’ll be cleaning up and editing things later)




Yeah. Not quite sure what else to say about this one, it kinda speaks for itself xD
They’re just so cute~



“For the record, I could have taken that bandit by myself,” Steele huffed as he tightened the ties on his bedroll.

It was morning, and already the coals they’d banked the night before were going out. Kale gave them a perfunctory stomping to put them out entirely. The bruise on his cheek still smarted from the punch he’d blocked for Steele during the previous afternoon’s fight.

“The big guy? No way, he was way bigger than you,” Kale piped, grinning as usual. Seeing the scowl on Steele’s face, he continued to tease, “Besides, that guy probably had a hundred pounds on you, you didn’t stand a chance.”

“What does size have to do with anything?” Steele snorted stubbornly.

“You’re pretty quick and strong,” Kale admitted, giving the other boy a critical glance. “But you’re tiny. That bandit had you hanging a foot off the ground by the front of your tunic. You’re light as a feather, and that counts as a disadvantage when the enemy’s grabbed hold of you.”

“Big deal, I bet if I was fighting someone more my size, I would totally win.”

“Keep telling yourself that,” Kale chuckled.

“I bet I could take you,” Steele threw at him challengingly.

Kale looked over at the smaller boy. Steele was giving him that stubborn glare he was so familiar with, and his bottom lip was puffed out in the way that he knew Steele wasn’t aware he was pouting. It was cute, watching him act so childish, and Kale resisted the urge to giggle at him. That surely would anger the boy to the point where he’d stubbornly refuse to speak to him for the next few days, and while he wasn’t exactly the most pleasant conversational partner, he was the only conversational partner Kale had right now.

“You really think you can take me?” Kale teased, stepping out onto open ground to the impending fight wouldn’t leave them rolling on hot ashes.

“Stop teasing me,” Steele growled, and lunged at him.

Steele was fast, but too predictable and easily overpowered when mad. Kale grabbed the incoming fist, and just as easily caught the wrist of its partner. He smirked at Steele as he held both hands bound, not seeing the foot that hooked around his ankle. With a jerk, the two boys went down, twisting and writhing on the ground. Steele managed to free one fist, but Kale moved faster, rolling on top of him and pressing both hands to the boy’s chest, smiling.

“I think I win this one,” he chirped.

“The fight’s not over yet,” Steele pouted, bringing his thighs up to wrap around Kale’s torso as he used all the strength in that tiny body of his to flip them around until he was on top.

Kale stared up at him from the dirt. Steele’s face grinned victory and his eyes – such a rich shade of sapphire blue that Kale couldn’t help wonder if they were made from gems – glowed vivid and alive. Kale loved these moments, when Steele stopped shutting him out and simply lived in the moment. But he couldn’t let Steele get away with this victory. He had to distract him and fight his way back on top. But how…

“You weren’t so hard to beat,” Steele gloated, leaning in close enough for their hair to brush. He could feel Steele’s breath against his mouth.

The moment the idea entered his head, Kale executed it without stopping to think of the consequences. He leaned up and the space between their mouths was gone. Steele froze, fists tightening in his tunic, apparently in shock. Kale watched his face through half-lidded eyes, watching sapphire eyes widen and strangely blue brows arch. He was thoroughly distracted, unmoving, and Kale grinned into the kiss before taking the opportunity to flip them around again.

“Told you you didn’t stand a chance,” Kale almost sing-songed, grinning his amusement.

Steele didn’t respond, simply lying limp on the ground and staring up at him with the most unreadable expression. It gave Kale pause.

“… What?”

“What was that?” Steele’s voice was quiet, incredulous.

“The kiss?” Kale asked, perplexed. “What of it?”

As he stared down at the boy, Steele averted his eyes and fidgeted slightly. There was a faint hue in his cheeks, and it suddenly dawned on Kale why loud, stubborn, passionate Steele had just gone so quiet and fidgety.

“Was that your first kiss?” Kale asked.

The hue in Steele’s cheeks darkened. Apparently it was.

“Are you ok?” Kale prompted, noting how much more fidgety Steele had become.

All at once, the fidgeting stopped, and Steele turned to lock eyes with him, although the blush remained. Cautiously, he brought his hands up to Kale’s cheeks, one thumb lightly stroking at the dark bruise on one of them. The blush reddened more.

“It’s not like I like you or anything,” Steele grumbled, gently coaxing Kale’s face closer. “I just wanna… try again.”

Startled, Kale allowed himself to be pulled into another kiss. This one was slower, gentler, with their lips barely brushing. It was soft and sweet, and Kale drank it up as if it could fill the hole of loneliness that yawned in his chest like a gaping wound. Hesitant fingers crept up his jawline until they took up root in his hair, and he sank into the kiss.

He can hear Steele breathing through the kiss, a kind of forced breathing, and he wasn’t sure when he had closed his eyes, but now he slid them open to study Steele’s face. The boy was still flushed, his eyebrows knit together with a mix of concentration and confusion. He was cute, and it made Kale smile into the kiss. Gently he moved his lips against Steele’s, massaging them softly until the slightest sliver of an opening formed and he could feel Steele’s breath trickling into his mouth.

They held that position for several minutes, Kale hesitant to push Steele’s comfort and Steele not knowing how to proceed. When the stillness had lingered for longer than comfortable, they broke apart, breathing heavily and faces flushed, staring at each other dazedly. Steele was the first to avert his gaze, lips puckered in a small scowl that Kale recognized as his deep in thought face. With a slow grin, he rolled off of Steele and stood up.

“Let’s get on the road already,” he suggested with his usual cheer, knowing that Steele would not be prodded to reveal his thoughts or feelings until he was ready. “We’re wasting daylight!”

“Fine,” Steele grumbled, getting to his feet and dusting himself off.

They each grabbed their respective bedrolls and travel packs, setting out as if nothing had happened, with only their memories and a flattened patch of grass to say otherwise.

I love you honey~

Okay, I needed some Lord of the Rings fanart~ Eoywyn is my favourite character from the trilogy, and seriously I have no idea how people can’t love her. To me she showed me that you didn’t have to be ‘manly’ to be a hero, you could run around in floor-length gowns and still swing a sword and defeat evil at the same time. GIRLY IS POWER. And this is one of the many reasons why I love Eowyn~

(I could name off more, but then I’d be here all night…) <3

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